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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Proof of God from Guarantees or Holy Sage Statements

Updated 1/28/2015  

A holy text / holy sage issues guarantees or commands or orders or advice. It is even possible some of those may entail great risks, national or otherwise. 

It is then claimed the text or individual would not issue such unless they could be backed up. Otherwise, it would falsify the text or individual.  Only God could who could fulfill them or an individual with divine insight would do so.

Hence the text is divine or the individual had divine knowledge. 

My post Proof of God from Fallow discusses that sort of argument

Some discussion is also found in my posts:

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Sometimes the individual is just giving opinion/interpretation of holy texts. Or perhaps has reasons to influence his flock's behavior for political, theological or other reasons. They are not meant to be guarantees. 

This is a short post and perhaps I will come back and discuss it more. THIS HAS BEEN DONE see Proof of God from Guarantees- or Holy Sage Statements Part Two

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