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Sorry no longer take comments. Post's 'labels' are unreliable for linking or searching. Use the INDEX OF POSTS instead. A fairly accurate, but incomplete INDEX of Posts & good overview of this blog READ SOME REASONS TO REJECT ORTHODOX JUDAISM my April 2014 post or click link above. Highlighted words lead to other posts almost all in my blog. Born into an Orthodox Jewish family (1950's) and went to Orthodox Yeshiva from kindergarten thru High School plus some Beis Medrash.Became an agnostic in my 20's and an atheist later on. My blog will discuss the arguments for god and Orthodox Judaism and will provide counter arguments. I no longer take comments. My blog uses academic sources, the Torah, Talmud and commentators to justify my assertions. The posts get updated. INDEX OF POSTS SEE MAY 2017 or click link above.

Monday, May 29, 2017


I think this is a complete index of posts including dates.  It is organized roughly by category, but there is so  much overlap. And the post's content may overlap categories. Very rarely did I put the same post into two different categories. 

Many posts have multiple parts. Usually I provided the titles, dates and links to the first part only. 

If you desire a summary of my blog see this post
Some Reasons to Reject Orthodox Judaism 4/2/14.  It has links to many (but not all) of  my other blog posts and is an incomplete index of posts.

Book Reviews

The Challenge Of Creation - by Rabbi Slifkin 11/19/16 - a critique of RS’s apologetics

The Science of God - Schroeder Chapter 9 - 12/9/2013 a critique of Schroeder’s apologetics

The Science of God - by Gerald Schroeder Chapter 1 thru 4  12/9/14 a critique of Schroeder’s apologetics.

The Tenacity of Unreasonable Beliefs - Fundamentalism and the Fear of Truth by  Solomon Schimmel, 11/29/14 with my additional commentary and discussion of some common apologetics, some  reasons why religions persist and more.

Torah Holidays - Origins/Pagan Parallels

The Torah Scapegoat - Azazel  10/22/13

Yom Kippur Origins  10/27/13 Pagan Parallels

Passover Origins; & short note on Human Sacrifice  11/11/13

Sabbath, Day Seven and Moon Cults or Fertility Cults 8/18/13

Sukkos Feast of Tabernacles Pagan Parallels 10/18/2017

Torah Rituals/Laws - Pagan Parallels - Repudiation of Apologetics

Proof of God from Circumcision by the Jews on the eighth day of life  8/12/13

'Statute Forever' in the Bible  3/2/14 Are the Torah laws divine or just superstitions ? Refutes Rambam style apologetics.

'Cut Off" in the Bible  2/27/14 Are the laws and their punishments divine or just superstitions. Refutes Rambam style apologetics.

Explanations of Pagan Customs in Judaism with some notes on Maimonides  3/18/14 - includes refutes of Rambam style apologetics.

The Bible Serpent and Magic  2/26/15

Human Sacrifice in the Bible  1/14/14

Pascal's Wager 12/27/2017

Torah Discrimination or Unfair Laws, Pagan Parallels

The Bible, the Brother, and the Widow  2/4/14

The Bible, The Husband, and The Virgin  2/3/14

Suspected Adultery and the Bible Remedy  1/18/14

The Bible, The Priests, The Female and the Disabled  2/17/14 

Oral Law Part Two - Treatment of Women - Sexist laws 

Challenges to the Torah and Orthodox Jewish Narrative

Some Reasons to Reject Orthodox Judaism   4/2/14

The Dangers of Circumcision as found in the Talmud  1/15/14

Circumcision and Maimonides 3/18/14

Who Wrote the Bible  12/10/15 - Strong evidence the whole Bible can not be from the Mosaic period.

The Challenge of Noah,  11/3/16 - the Noah story as an argument against Orthodox Judaism, refutations of some Orthodox Jewish apologetic responses.

Jewish Oral Tradition  8/27/16 

Genesis and Evolution  9/27/13 - Some discrepancies and why they are irreconcilable in intellectually honest fashion. 

Genesis and the Big Bang  9/10/13 Some discrepancies between Genesis and modern cosmology  and why they are irreconcilable in intellectually honest manner.

Proof /Disproof of God from Kosher Animals  1/10/14

Proofs of Orthodox Jewish Narrative Repudiated

Kuzari Principle or Argument  Part 1  7/24/13 ( These posts include Rabbi Gottlieb’s and Rabbi Kelemen’s versions among others either directly or indirectly.) Probably most Orthodox Jews would consider this argument the strongest argument for Judaism. Some use it to "prove" the existence of G-d.  I devoted more posts to this "proof" than any other.  I have also included links to several other Ex-Orthodox Jews who address the argument in a different fashion than myself. The argument may have merit to distinguish the claims of one religion/myth from another but it has too many weaknesses to be used as valid evidence or proof  for the alleged Mount Sinai Divine revelation or the existence of G-d.

Kuzari argument part 2  1/27/14

Kuzari Part 3 6/23/14

Kuzari Argument Part 4  7/13/14

Kuzari Part 5  8/23/15

Kuzari Argument Part 6 9/4/15

Kuzari Argument Part 7 11/16/15

Kuzari Argument Part 8 11/30/15

Proof of God from Miracles or Kuzari Argument Part 9  12/26/15

Kuzari Argument Part 10  12/28/15

Kuzari Part 11  12/29/15

Kuzari Part 12 6/4/2017

Kuzari Argument Part 13 6/28/2017  A 'mass' miracle involving the 'Soun'.

Kuzari Argument Part 14 10/20/2017 Is there an unbroken chain of Sinai-Exodus story transmission ? Can national tradition of national events be introduced ?

Proof of God From Miracles (part 2) or Kuzari Part 15 12/31/2017

Kuzari Argument Part 16 - Permission To Receive Rabbi Kelemen 3/27/2018

Kuzari Argument Part 17 - Apple White Theorem, Rabbi Kelemen 3/28/2018

Kuzari Part 18 Unbroken Chain ?, Hints For Rabbi Kelemen April 5,  2018

Kuzari argument Part 19 plus some Critique Rabbi Kelemen's Book of Permission To Receive April 7, 2018 Applying Rabbi Kelemen's criteria to the Torah informs s the Torah is suspected of not being divine. The Ten Commandments. 

Kuzari Argument Part 20 Rabbi Kelemen Incunabular Argument Permission To Receive - Mainly about 'the Rabbi's Past Theory

Kuzari Argument Part 21 Rabbi Kelemen Bomb April 23, 2018

Proof of God via Jewish Survival, Jewish Suffering, and the Bible Predictor  8/12/13

Proof of God from Israel     1/28/15

Proof of God from Prophecy    1/27/15 - also includes comments on proofs from Israel.

Proof of God from Circumcision by the Jews on the eighth day of life  8/12/13

Proof of God from Gematria ,Bible Codes 7/23/13

Proof /Disproof of God from Kosher Animals 1/10/14

Proof of God from Mummy  10/14/15 Supernatural preservation ?

Proof of God from Prayer- Miraculous Recoveries 7/12/15

Proof of God from Hebrew  5/15/15 Is Hebrew script divine ?

Proof of God from Purim Fest 1946 or Prophecy of Nazis in Megillah    3/17/15

Proof of God from Guarantees or Holy Sage Statements   1/27/15

Proof of God based on Claim of Prophecy of Nazis in the Talmud    11/26/14

Proof / Disproof of God based on Fallow  11/25/14

Proof of God from Gaza Rockets  8/5/14

Proof of God from Secrets in Holy Texts (Part 1 and Part 2 3/22/2018}   5/16/14 Included are some examples: Life Span, Moon Renewal, Dead Stars

Kalam Cosmological proof of God repudiated by Theology  2/16/14 - Does Genesis even describe creation Ex-Nihilo ? If not, then the proof backfires.

Proof of God from Life; Genesis 2:7  8/27/16 Pagan Parallels, Genesis false myth        

Proof of God from Miracles or Kuzari Argument Part 9 12/26/15

Proof of God from Coincidences in Bible and Hebrew Bible Codes 11/3/15 

Proof of God from Morality    5/27/14

Proofs of God Repudiated 

Proof of God Burden 5/27/17  - Who has the burden of proof ?

Proof of God from the Gaps, Sherlock Holmes, and Absence of Evidence 3/10/16 - faulty reasoning.

Proof of God from Free Will, Justice, Consciousness, BLANK  8/4/15

Proof of God from Thermodynamics 12/19/15 also includes additional refute that God must be the Designer.

Proof of God from Fine Tuning    1/16/15 I do not think Rambam would approve of this argument. 

Kalam Cosmological Proof of God - Premises and Conclusion repudiated    6/11/14, includes Laws of nature from God ?

Proof of God from Big Bang  9/8/13

Proof of God from Morality    5/27/14

Proof of God from Origin of Life  - 9/2/13

Proof of God through Design 8/20/13

Proof of God from Design Part 2 or Disproof of Evolution 1/18/16

Proof of God from Ontological Argument


Psalms, Ancient Near East Texts, Prayer, Science March 22, 2018

Saul, The Witch, and the Ghost 7/21/16 - Tenach belief in ghosts, witches. Do we go up or down after we die ?

Tree Animism in the Bible    1/1/15

Bible Patriarch Ages 8/2/13

Origins of some Torah/Bible laws and the Jewish Chosen People Idea    7/10/14

Moshe became horny and suspicion of Torah from Mount Sinai 9/5/13

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