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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Proof of God From Guarantees Or Holy Sage Statements Part Two

This a a continuation from Proof of God Frrom Guarantees Or Holy Sage Statements  (part one) so please read that post first.

I  am biased against the claim there are Rabbis or men or women that have divine communication or can work miracles or have prophecy.  I am referring more to modern times. This predates my atheism and is related to my Orthodox Jewish Litvak-Misnagid upbringing which was inclined to look upon such claims as bordering on hero worship even avodah zorah (idol worship) and for other reasons related to religion. 

Many of the folk engage in hero worship and spread  bubbe-meises (tall tales) to buttress their hero. Other religions also claim miracle stories and  prophecies.  The stories are used for kiruv or missionary work. The tall tales often can not be authenticated.  All good reasons why we should remain skeptical. .

In addition, what is the more likely explanation of these tall tales - violation of natural laws or mistaken/wishful thinking of people or worse ?

How often did the  alleged prophetic advice of say a Rabbi turn out to be true and  how often false  ? All the true outcomes are touted while the false ones are forgotten about. 

Often a certain denomination will claim our Rabbi has given so much advice that has proven itself to be good. What they fail to consider how many times the advice failed.

Moreover, even if Rabbi XYZ has a wonderful track record of success it would prove nothing ! Consider that there are thousands of Rabbis giving advice. By chance alone Rabbi XYZ could have a good track record. He is touted and the others are not mentioned.

Finally, does the Rabbi claim his advice is coming from G-d ? From the cases I have seen it is his followers who attribute a divine involvement not the Rabbi.  This attribution is unwarranted. The Rabbi could have numerous reasons for giving his opinion ranging from consulting experts, weighing pros and cons, interpretations of holy texts, intuition and whatever. 

I have asked religious people to give me a single example of a documented and authenticated miracle and never get a response. I have asked for a single example of a valid prophecy and every one is weak and often for multiple reasons.

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