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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Proof of God from Coincidences in the Bible and Hebrew Part 2

Updated thru 11/10/2015 ( had a typing error for the mass of one of the particles. The calculations were unchanged)

On the heels of my ‘amazing'  discoveries in English found in Proof of God from Coincidences in the Bible and Hebrew part one,  I will like to share another. Maybe I should write a book about all the 
amazing ‘coincidences’ and amazing statistical results found within the English language. Of course no respectable Scientific publisher or Journal  would publish the results. That is because they are antiEnglishites. They deny the existence of encoded information in English. They may even deny the existence of English Aliens or the English God.  What can you expect from these skeptics and  heretics ?

Scientists tell us that the “Alpha Particle”  consists of the “Neutron”  and “Proton”  see

I was wondering if English had encoded hidden information about the Neutron, Proton and Alpha particle. Based on statistics we can ‘prove’ it does.

Using the English Gematria table found in my part one post;  if I did all the math correctly here are the results:

The Gematria of Proton, Neutron, Alphaparticle are 33,34,45 respectively.

The respective kilogram masses are  1.672*10^(-27),  1.675*10^(-27), 6.645*10^(-27)

Fitting a line to the data gives us an ‘amazing’ R square of .994 

The significance of the fit is .048

We ‘normally’ may use .05 as the significance cut off and so we may ‘accept’ the results. 

To make sure this was ‘objective’  I also performed  the calculation using Alphaparticle, Neutronparticle, Protonparticle. The respective English Gematrias are 45, 61, 60

The results are even better: 

Fitting a line to the data gives us an ‘amazing’  R square of .997 

The significance of the fit is .036

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