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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Proof of God From Fine Tuning Part IV

This post is a continuation from Proof of God From Fine Tuning Part I.  There is a Part II and III.  {ETA I removed Part II and Part III.} 

It would help to at least skim Part I, however this can be read as a stand alone.

Some Theologians argue some of natures parameters lie in an extremely narrow range that permit life and this means a fine tuner (God)  was involved in selecting the parameters.

This post will provide some alternate possible explanations  From Part 3 of  Cosmology: The History and Nature of Our Universe By Professor of Astronomy Mark Whittle 2008 

Beginning Page 38

1) Inflation can explain some apparent  fine tuning. In time we may come to understand the origin of the other parameters. For example their may be some deep symmetries that can explain the laws of physics.

2) If there actually was some flexibility in the parameters perhaps God did it. The book explains this is a 'God of the gaps' argument. 

3) Assume there actually was some flexibility in parameters. We exist, thus the  parameters had to be in the life giving range. It is an after the fact necessity.

4) "A strict statistical view says we have an after-the-fact probability of unity, so we shouldn't be surprised [that the parameters are life giving]. Furthermore, we can infer nothing about the 'before-the-fact' probability. There was Big Bang, and life giving parameters were chosen. End of story."

5) Assume there actually was some flexibility in parameters. Some  are bothered by the low before the fact probability of getting the parameters.  They respond that Inflation theories can generate a multiverse. "Both Inflation and String Theory can generate Universes with different laws of physics."  

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