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Monday, August 6, 2018

Science and Leap of Faith

Religious argue that many people have 'faith' in science, but science can not be 'proven' true. So even if  Orthodox Judaism can not be 'proven' true take a leap of faith for it. It is as if the religious are creating parity between science and religion.

I would argue faith in science is based on positive evidence, experience, and sensory data. Science works - it flies us to the moon. But religion lacks such positive evidence, it lacks experience and sensory support. 

Moreover, we must have faith in our senses to live. We do not have to have faith in god(s) to live. Occams razor thus shaves the god(s) away.

Finally what religion or god(s) should we take a leap of faith for ? There are thousands. Why not take a leap of faith for atheism or agnosticism ? 

The leap of faith for no religion and no gods is a much smaller jump than the leap of faith for any religion or any of the gods. It also carries less baggage and is less expensive. 

A few more things.

Some may argue perhaps we are being fooled by a superbeing that is deluding us in all we think and perceive, Thus our reasoning, sense data, science etc: is unreliable. If you really believe that then you too should be a skeptic for anything including gods. It is possible such a superbeing exists, but why should I think this being exists ? Also, I would use Ocaames razor to shave him away and extricate my self from such extreme skepticism. 

This argument for leap of faith is similar to Pascals wager and Proof of God Burden ; very related content also in Corona Virus and The God Virus 

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